Author: Sarah Bowyer

Name of the artwork Crowd

Author Sarah Bowyer

Category Paintings

Year 2021

Certified on the 04 agosto 2022


Title: Crowd

Typology: Painting

Tecnique: oil on canvas

Total size: cm: h.80 x 200

Year: 2021


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-  Certificate "Blockchain Waves, NFT code nr:  YjlXzJ-97734

 (Certificate Blockchain:

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- Registration ​ "Archivio michelangelo:" : nr.  1429


Notes: Of this work were issued by the artist two digital photos Tokenizzate with respective NFT 

Digital photo 1 of 2 nr. NFT:   4eK5ld-97736

Digital photo 2 of 2 nr. NFT:  3qByeh-97738


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