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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital tokens registered on a blockchain. They can represent a work of art, a virtual object or anything else that can be identified as unique.
NFTs are "fungible", meaning they cannot be exchanged one-to-one for another identical token.

NFTs allow artists, musicians and other content creators to protect their work in a unique and verifiable way on the blockchain. NFTs can be used to represent anything from digital artworks to photos, videos, sounds, documents and virtual objects.

NFTs also have a high intrinsic value because they represent the digital property and the authenticity of the artwork or the virtual good, this makes NFTs useful also in the fields of certification, registration and copyright management.

In summary, NFTs are used to:

1) Ensure the authenticity of digital content: With NFT certification, you can ensure that digital content is authentic and not counterfeit.

2) Content traceability: NFT certification allows you to track the origin of digital content, making it easier to manage it and allowing greater transparency in the market.

3) Protection against counterfeiting: With the NFT certification, you can protect digital content against counterfeiting, thus ensuring that your work is always recognized as original.

4) NFTs are tokenized on a Wallet, to create the Wallet follow these steps:

- Install the Keeper extension on your favorite browser:

- Create a wallet inside the Keeper:

- Follow this guide for wallet recovery via Seed:

5) Pdf of the NFT certificate:

The A.M. certification

Find out how it works

The certification of authenticity is a mandatory document tied to the artwork.

Those who copy have existed for a long time – and more than ever today with the new technologies –, and despite all the difficulties they are capable of perfectly reproducing an artwork, almost a CLONE.

Reproducing or making an authentic of the artwork is a children’s game, anybody or any employee can deliver certifications of authenticity, there are no specific laws and there is carte blanche on the drafting.

ARCHIVIO MICHELANGELO has created and patented a document with specific features to avoid the forgery of the document.


The certification is composed of one or more photos of the stamped artwork with the stamp of the Archive, next to which is made a special cut with knurled scissors.


A progressively and self-destructing numbered holographic stamp (there are only two) is affixed on the photo and on the artwork. The photo attached to the certificate is tied to the artwork as the cut piece of the photo is stored and filed. It will be useful for eventual future examinations. We are working on further adjustments. The certification and the back of the picture are both signed by the author.


You are an artist and you want to certify your artwork?

Please write to us: Or call this number for further information: +39 333 3532120